You may be fresh out of high school, re-entering the workforce, or looking to upgrade your skills – whatever reasons bring you to Algonquin College, Orientation is a big part of getting you set up properly so you can take on the new school year.

There are two equally important parts to your College Orientation experience: AC Start and AC Day 1 (Spring). Level 1 Spring intake (full-time) students at the Ottawa campus begin their time at Algonquin College at AC Day 1 on Monday, May 7. This is the kick-off to your academic and social life here. So what’s the difference? And why is it important to attend both? Let’s break it down for you.


Step 1: AC Start (Spring)

Step 2: AC Day 1 (Spring)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018

AC Start is “pre-orientation” – it’s where you get organized before AC Day 1. AC Start offers you an opportunity to access important services in a one-stop-shop setting. Think Apple store – this will be a similar concept. Please bring your own device (BYOD – tablet, laptop, etc.).

At AC Start you will:

  • Get your AC Card (student ID) and U-Pass (transit card)
  • Get hands-on, one-on-one service for how to use online tools that are required at Algonquin College, so you can access Wi-Fi, timetables, and grades (you will leave AC Start ready to go for your first day of class!)
  • Take a campus tour
  • Get answers to your questions about financial aid, registration and fee dates, student life, health insurance, and anything else that is on your mind about starting college
AC Day 1 is where you can explore a variety of academic resources and social activities and get to know the Algonquin College culture.

At AC Day 1 you will: 

  • Take part in Program Orientation (where you will get a feel for your program and meet your profs and classmates)
  • Take part in fun social activities
  • Get your AC Card (student ID) and U-Pass (transit card)
  • Get tech support for accessing your accounts for timetables, grades, and email
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities and take part in an on-campus Community Project
  • Take a campus tour
  • And more!
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Please note: Programming elements are subject to change.