How do I register for AC Start and AC Day 1?

Registration is available through this website. Please ensure that you register for both AC Start AND AC Day 1, which are Step 1 and Step 2 of your Orientation experience.

Click here to register for AC Start.
Click here to register for AC Day 1.

Can I bring a parent/guardian/family member/friend with me to AC Day 1?

AC Day 1 is for full-time, first year Fall students at the Ottawa campus ONLY. This is an excellent way for incoming students to genuinely experience Algonquin, connect with staff and faculty, and network with peers. AC Day 1 only happens once — don’t miss out on this opportunity! We do welcome parents/family/spouses to attend AC Start if they are interested. Learn more about AC Start.

Where can I park?

For those who have obtained Algonquin College parking passes, please park in your designated area. If you do not have a parking pass, please use the Visitor Parking Lot, shown here, for a fee.

For AC Start, a reduced-rate day parking pass in Lots 8, 9, and 12 is available for $5.00. If you wish to purchase a parking pass for the AC Start date you have registered for, please click here to be directed to the online form, and select “Special Events” to access the reduced rate. This offer is for AC Start only, not AC Day 1. Please ensure you have purchased this reduced-rate parking pass prior to arriving on campus – we are unable to sell the passes on site. 

I missed the AC Start Expert Panel. Where can I get answers to common questions about starting college?

Watch our Expert Panel Webinar video, where representatives from across the College share information about services and support, fees and deadlines, student life, and more.

I can’t attend AC Start. What should I do?

While we highly recommend attending AC Start, we know that some people won’t be able to attend because of work, living out of town, etc. If this is the case, AC Day 1 will have much of the essential programming, services, and support you need. Be sure to register for this event if you can’t attend AC Start.

We’ve also included a few links that you might find of value:

  • Tools for Success on the Orientation website
  • There is a “General Info” section on the Orientation website that you might find of use (academic dates, tips, etc)
  • Check out the Card Services website for info about submitting your photo online for your AC Card and U-Pass
  • Sign up to be matched with a Student Navigator, who can help answer all your Algonquin College questions

I’m an International student. Do I need to attend International Student Orientation and AC Start/AC Day 1?

We do recommend International students attend both their International Student Orientation (which will be about getting settled into your new life in Ottawa and at Algonquin College) and AC Start and AC Day 1. AC Start and AC Day 1 are the College Orientation events for full-time, first year students at the Ottawa campus who are starting this September (exceptions apply), and will help you build your network of support resources at the College, as well as give you social opportunities.

I made a mistake when registering for AC Start or AC Day 1. How do I change my info?

If you made a mistake while entering your name, email address, student number, or phone number, or experienced technical difficulties while registering, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Help! I can’t print my AC Start and/or AC Day 1 ticket.

That’s okay! You do not need to print your ticket to attend AC Start or AC Day 1. Here at Algonquin, we prefer to save trees and are doing our part by going digital. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you can download your ticket through the Eventbrite app for us to scan at check-in. If neither option works for you, we can access your ticket by searching your name when you arrive at AC Start and AC Day 1.

What if I have other questions about AC Start or AC Day 1?

Email any of your questions to us at and we will gladly provide answers and find solutions!