Interested in being an AC Day 1 general volunteer? Check out the list of roles that will be required at AC Day 1 at the Ottawa campus!

Role Description
Activity Supervisor Volunteers will help set up, facilitate, and encourage students to participate in the mini golf activity on the main floor of the Student Commons Building. Volunteers will also be responsible for operating the popcorn machine and handing out samples.
Floaters General volunteers are needed to support the overall events of AC Day 1. Volunteers must be flexible, as the people in these positions will be asked to jump in where needed.
Food Pop-Ups Volunteers will work in a team to coordinate and deliver food pop-ups across the campus in busy areas. This position requires a lot of walking across the campus.
Greeters These volunteers will be stationed at the main entrances to campus to greet incoming students, and will provide a friendly and welcoming experience.
Information Booth Volunteers at the Information Booth will answer general questions that new students may have. This position will require volunteers to have strong knowledge of College services and familiarity with AC Day 1 programming.
Tech Lounge Volunteers will be assisting students with technical questions related to Blackboard/Brightspace, email, and ACSIS. Think Apple Store. Strong communication and problem solving skills are required for this position.
Wayfinders Volunteers will work in pairs to answer general questions, provide direction, and troubleshoot in high-traffic areas across the College. Strong knowledge of Algonquin College services, departments, and wayfinding is an asset.
Welcome Tables Working alongside the Algonquin College Executive Team, volunteers will be stationed at Welcome Tables to serve coffee and tea to incoming students. This is a great opportunity to help students jumpstart their morning with a smile and refreshments.